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KMGTM to Partner with SPK Visuals

KMGTM is excited to announce a partnership with up-and-coming Chicago photography and videography house SPK Visuals! SPK Visuals founder Kye “Special K” Addison has worked with KMGTM founding team, in some capacity for years, and we are excited to see what a more immersed partnership will bring for both firms.

Artist Profile: 

Kye has been working in the videography and photography industries for nearly a decade and is proficient in everything from assisting with storyboarding and planning shoots to post production. With full photo and video production capability and experience, Addison is a force to be reckoned with.

SPK Visual’s is Special K’s newest venture into the photography and cinematography industries. SPK aims to have a relaxed and imaginative feel with his projects taking his viewers into “another world.” ¬†Bringing inspiration from the ability to escape through the art form and create the same sensation for others, Kye is able to create immersive work, that is both engaging and awe-inspiring.

We are excited to be working with him and hope you are too! You can find more of his work on the following platforms:

Instagram @ spk_photo.s

Youtube @ spk visuals